During college I produced, wrote, and performed music. Now my creative energy is entirely focused on science, but I'm still proud of the music I made and the friends I made it with. Here is some music I performed, produced, and/or wrote:

proximity Permalink

While starting grad school I wrapped up my last big music project: a full length album with Americana style instrumentation (acoustic guitar, banjo, upright bass), paired with classical string arrangements and ambient electric guitars. My brother Jon helped me make a single-shot, album-length music video in which I illustrate the lyrics of the album on the walls of our childhood bedroom.

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Some people romanticize sudden bursts of inspiration that fuel songs, poems, or even books (think On the Road). However, I’m a big believer in working hard at one’s craft to produce the best work (in both art and science). Rewrite! Workshop! Edit! Optimize! This recording is an exception. I wrote and did a live recording of this song in one night and am still happy with how it came out.

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This is perhaps one of the more beautiful things I’ve worked on. Emerging jazz-orchestral-pop band GADADU asked me to mix their album Bay Songs. The songs are ethereal, complex, and deeply engaging.